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Download Torrents in a Web-Based Client with BitLet

BitLet is a simple, easy to use Java web applet that lets you download torrents directly from your browser, without installing a dedicated torrent client on your computer.

To download, you can load an existing torrent metafile from your computer, or just provide the URL to a file that’s somewhere online. Next, click on the “Download torrent” button. That will open a new popup window prompting you for a location to save the file. Just specify it and downloading will start.

The download speeds are decent and doesn’t require any configuration, but if you wish you can configure the incoming connection port and set an upload speed limit from the app’s settings page.

BitLet supports resuming of downloads, and you can also seed a file as long as you wish by keeping the download window open.

Another nice feature it has is playing music torrents. Currently it supports only MP3 an OGG formats.

You can also use it to create a torrent metafile of your own and publish it as well.

BitLet is not a replacement for a dedicated BitTorrent client, but still can be quite useful if you are on a computer that doesn’t have a BitTorrent client installed, like work or school.

Visit: BitLet