Download Videos Without Using Extensions

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Most of the video hosting sites use Flash to stream videos and many extensions are also available to download videos from these sites. But, if you don’t have flash, the videos won’t play and the extensions become useless as well. Another problem with extensions is that they run in the background even when they are not used and consumes memory.

A better way to download videos is by using bookmarklets. Bookmarlets are browser independent, so they work on all modern browsers and they don’t run in the background, so no memory wastage or slowing down of computer.

Here are two sites that allow you to download from almost all video sites out there.

1. Deturl
Deturl allows downloading of videos from the video page itself by displaying links in a small stripe at the top of the page. Videos can be download as: MP3, FLV, MP4, AVI file, and more. Just right-click on the link and save the video to the local hard drive.

For some video sites, the stripe is not available. For them, the bookmarklet will redirect you to the Deturl website and links are displayed there.
Get: Deturl bookmarklet

2. ClipNabber
ClipNabber bookmarklet always redirects you to ClipNabber website and download links are provided there. ClipNabber allows downloading in two formats: FLV and MP4.

Get: ClipNabber bookmarklet

Common features:

  • Supports all popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe and more.
  • Download videos using bookmarklet or by pasting URL in the download box on site homepage.
  • No registration required to use service.