Download Files from all Hosting Sites

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Megaupload Downloader is a freeware tool designed to allow users to download files, safely and without limits, from file hosting sites like,,,,,,,, and videos from Veoh and YouTube. The convenience of Megaupload Downloader is that once included the links you want to download files, you can leave open the program and it will download them automatically.

Often these file hosting websites come with many limitations for free users, like popup advertisement, wait timer and download & speed limits, which makes the whole process of downloading multiple files really tough for users. To make this process simple and easy, you can download and use Megaupload Downloader.

Megaupload Downloader has got a clean and easy to use interface. After including the download links you can do other things simultaneously without having to wait until the download is started or completed. You’ll have to change the default language to English from Italian upon startup.

Download: Megaupload Downloader