Windows Desktop "Client for Google Translate"

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Client for Google Translate is a free desktop translator. You can paste any text into the application and get it instantly translated it into the language you want.

Other than pasting text into the application, it can also translate text in almost every Windows application such as Notepad, Outlook, Word, Firefox and more.

After installing you will see the icon for the application in the system tray. Whenever you want to translate some text, all you have to do is select it the text will be translated instantly!

Client for Google Translate uses the Google Translate service.


  • Immediate translation of the selected text
  • More than 50 languages, automatic language detection
  • Search of Articles from Wikipedia (Pro)
  • Free XDXF dictionary support (Pro)
  • Shortcut keys to open the translator
  • “Suggest a better translation” function
  • Automatic checking for updates and news
  • Learning foreign words (Pro)

Download: Client for Google Translate