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Create Google Plus Profile Banner Images

You may have heard about Facebook profile banners and even created them using automatic web apps. Now with Google+ introduced you can have such banners on this new social networking site as well. In this post I have listed some free tools which will help you create your Google Plus profile banner both online and offline.

Google Plus Profile Banners

GPlusPic or Google Plus Picture is a small easy to use web app that allows you to create a banner image for your Google + profile. It is from the same developer who created the awesome Me+ web app.


To create a profile banner, go to GplusPic website and upload the picture you want to display on your profile. You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG image. Once uploaded, you will be shown a preview of the image you just upload and give you the ability to crop the picture. When you’re satisfied with your selection hit the ‘Preview and Download’ button to see the result. A new window will appear with the five images you’ll use across the top of your profile. Right-click on each image and save it to your computer.

Next log onto Google+ and go to your profile. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ and you should see some text beneath your name that says “Add some photos here”. Click on that and upload all five pictures you had download earlier. That’s it. You’ve got a Google+ banner!

Visit: GPlusPic

GplusBanner allows you to create and share your Google+ banner publicly on its site. Steps to create banner is similar to the earlier mentioned app. Once created you have the option to share it with everyone by adding the image to a related category. If you don’t want to create a banner, you can also download one from the gallery.


Visit: GplusBanner

Offline Methods
If you want to create your banner image offline then head over to Jason Johnson website. There he has shared a PSD and PNG Google Plus banner overlay image which you can use as a guide in your desktop image editor application.

Google Plus Banner Overlay

If you have Photoshop, download the PSD file and open it. Then insert the picture you want as your profile banner as a layer below the overlay. Line it up exactly as you want it to appear on your profile. Finally save the image by going to File > Save for Web & Devices. Image will be automatically sliced out as six images and named numerically. You can now easily sort and upload them to your Google Plus profile.

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