Manually Add, Edit or Delete Contacts in Windows 8 People App

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Windows 8 comes with a brilliant cloud-based People app that makes contact management extremely easy for users. The app pulls in contacts from various services, such as Facebook, Google, and Exchange among others, and saves them in an easily accessible cloud storage service. That means that after the initial import process, you’ll be able to access the same contact list across your desktop, smartphone, and other devices. Also, the same contact list will be available to Mail and Messaging apps thanks to extensive API use.

Windows 8 people app

While importing contacts, People app is intelligent enough to automatically detect and maintain only one contact information, on one tile, for contacts who are in multiple social networks or email, without messing up any of the source information. Even then, there are chances that you may find a duplicate entry or information that haven’t been pulled in correctly. Microsoft has made it possible for users to edit the contact list themselves from the app, but this option is hidden from the clean, fluid interface.

To edit or delete an existing contact in the People app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the contact you would like to manage.
  2. Then on the contact’s page, right click somewhere on the screen to open the app bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now click on Edit to make changes to the contact or hit Delete to remove the person from your People contact list.

People app edit or delete contact

To add a new contact, right click somewhere on the main screen of the app and choose New. You are then presented with a form as seen below:

People app add contact

Fill up the correct information and hit Save to add the person to your contact list.

From the Account dropdown menu, you can choose an online service other than Microsoft to save your contact to.

Actions made here are immediately synced (if you’re connected to the internet) to Microsoft’s online service and will eventually reflect in all your connected devices.