Official Wolfram Alpha Android App

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Wolfram Alpha has released an official Android app.

Wolfram Alpha is a computation knowledge engine, that calculates answers to complex scientific and mathematical problems in an instant.

The app brings the power and sophistication of the Wolfram Alpha website to the Android platform for users on the go. Wolfram Alpha has a mobile website but the app offers certain advantages over that with features such as:

  • Using Android’s native voice-input feature you can speak out your queries and get answers hands-free.
  • The app’s specialized keyboards contains every scientific and mathematical symbol.
  • You can get facts about the place you are at, using the apps location awareness.
  • You can share any information with your friends over social networks.

Wolfram Alpha is available for $1.99 for Android 1.6+ devices.
Scan the QR Code or search for it in the market to download.