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How to Close Duplicate Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

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While browsing online, you may occasionally open the same page several times unknowingly. In such a situation you find and close each duplicate tab manually close or let an extension do it automatically. In this post you’ll find extensions for Chrome and Firefox; if you’re an Opera user, check out this post.

Close Duplicate Tabs in Google Chrome

Prevent Duplicate Tabs

This Chrome extension prevents opening of duplicate tabs so that you don’t have to hunt for them later. There are three prevention modes:

You can quickly switch between modes with one click on the extension icon in the toolbar.


Tab Dupectomy

This extension allows you to open duplicate tabs, and later helps you close all with a single-click. You can see a count of duplicates in the extension’s toolbar icon.


Close Duplicate Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Duplicate Tab Closer closes all duplicate tabs and also blank tabs.

It works by adding an icon to the add-on bar, which when clicked, cleans up your open tabs list of all duplicates. Or, if you prefer a keyboard shortcut, just press Ctrl + Shift + D keys to do the same.


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