Tab Expose: View Thumbnail Preview of all Open Chrome Tabs

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Is managing browser tabs as big of an issue for you as it is for me? At any given time of the day I have around 15-20 tabs open, and the more that are open, the harder it is to read and remember what’s in each tab. This is a common problem among users who work within a browser all day long or those who surf the web for hours at a time. If you deal with such an issue, then you are going to love Tab Expose.

Tab Expose is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you quickly find a tab, and switch to, by looking at a thumbnail preview, rather than reading titles on each tab. And from the extension interface itself, you can also close any unwanted tab. This is a great option when you have many tabs open and it becomes difficult to see full page title on a tab.

Tab Expose
Tab Expose

Tab Expose mimics the Mac OS X expose feature by providing you with a pop-up preview window when clicked on the extension icon. Instead of a pop-up, you can also configure the extension to show preview in a new tab. There is also a customizable hotkey that you can use to launch the preview.

At any time, you can view the total count of open tabs across all Chrome windows on the Tab Expose icon. The extension comes with two themes: Windows and Mac (seen above).

Tab Expose works wherever Google Chrome does. Download it now from the Chrome Web Store.

Download Tab Expose | Alternatives: TabsPane | Tabs Manager