Google Chrome, Firefox: Combine / Merge All Open Windows into One

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While browsing if you find that you often end up with multiple browser windows open, then here are a few extensions to combine all of the individual open tabs and windows into a single window in Google Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome

Merge Windows
Merge Windows does exactly what its name suggests; that is, combine all of your open Chrome tab windows into one window.
After installation, the extension adds a new button to the Chrome toolbar. You simply hit the button and all tabs from any open windows are merged into one window.

Combine Google Chrome Windows

Windows To Tabs

Windows To Tabs functions exactly like the above extension, in addition, it displays a count of open windows (not tabs).

One issue with the extension is that it refreshes all tabs on grouping. Not a huge issue, but could be annoying if you were writing or watching a video.

Mozilla Firefox

Tab Mix Plus

If you’ve been a long time Firefox user, you’ll probably need no introduction to Tab Mix Plus. For others, it is an add-on that greatly enhances Firefox’s tabbed browsing features. It includes features such as tab duplication, tab focus, undo closed tab and much more. The feature we will focus here is on Tab Merging.

When you have multiple Firefox windows open, simply press Ctrl + Shift + M keys and all open windows will get merged into a single one. The hotkey is not customizable, but the behavior is. You can configure it by going to Tab Mix Plus Options > Tab Merging.
Firefox Tab Merging Tab Mix Plus