Always Open Programs in Predefined Position and Window Size

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Do you have an organized layout for your regularly used programs on the screen? Many people do this as it increases productivity. Windows remembers each application’s window size and position on the screen, so your neatly organized layout remains intact everyday. But if your work involves regular window re-size/move, daily organizing can get tedious. That’s where Winsize2 can be of great help.

Winsize2 is a tiny utility software that you can use to define screen positions and window sizes for any application window using a single keyboard combination. This basically lets you set a fixed window size and screen co-ordinates for a application in Windows. So when you start a program its window is automatically re-sized and positioned exactly the way you want. Check out the below video to get an idea on how it works.

Once you have Winsize2 running, position a application window exactly how you want and press Ctrl + Alt + Z. That locks down the apps’ size and place. Anytime you need to change the setting, focus the program and again press the same key combo. This would overwrite the earlier setting. If you need even more control, double-click on the program’s tray icon to open the below seen window.

WinSize2 Settings
Winsize2 supports a number of special parameters, and ships with special features that may be interesting to advanced users. A couple of noteworthy features are:

  • Ability to rename and change title of a window
  • Save and restore desktop icon positions

Refer to the accompanied guide for more features and information.

How to Install Winsize2

When you download and extract the zip file, you will get a folder named WinSize2. Move this to a safe location on your computer, like Program Files. Inside this folder you will find a number of files and folders. Among these, find an executable file named “WinSize2_Update.exe”. Double-click on it and wait for the setup to complete. On complition, the file is replaced with a new one named “WinSize2.EXE”. This is the file that launches the program.

Other than the setup process, which may be a bit confusing to certain users, the program is quite easy to use. It’s a recommended utility for any one looking for a free way to organize their applications on the screen.

You can download this free, open source program from Sourceforge.

Download: Winsize2