How Long You Should Steep your Tea ?

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Steeping Tea means how much time you should have tea in the boiling water so that the flavour and colour gets into the water to make tea. This is pretty important process because anything less or more can spoil the complete taste.

How long to steep ?
Steep.It is an online tool which tells you how long you need to steep depending on what kind of tea you are going to have. For example Black tea needs to be steeped for 2-3 minutes while green tea needs just one minute. Also if you are not sure of your watch, there is timer available for each type or anything you want.

Once you start the timer, your browser pane becomes a count down clock against a slowly darkening background. The screen changes from tan to dark brown as the timer counts down. A ringer sounds and your browser flashes when the count down is complete. is a free service and requires no registration.

Visit: Steep It