Get features in Self-Hosted Blogs with JetPack

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Automattic, the company behind, has launched a new plugin named Jetpack which allows self-hosted WordPress users to enjoy several features previously available only to hosted blogs.

JetPack for WordPress

The plugin pack currently includes Stats, Twitter Widget, Gravatar Hovercards, Shortlinks, Sharedaddy, LaTeX, After the Deadline, and Shortcode Embeds. More features are going to be added to the pack, and eventually will have more than 20 plugins.

Jetpack requires a account, and you need to authorize the plugin for it to work. If you are currently using any of the plugins included in the pack, it will be automatically disabled and switch to the Jetpack-powered version.

Jetpack is compatible with WordPress 3.0.5 and beyond. It can be installed be searching for “JetPack” in your WordPress plugin installer, and can also be downloaded from it’s dedicated mini website.

Visit: JetPack