Make WordPress Registration Invite Only

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You might have seen many websites/startups that start off on an invite-only model. If you would like to launch your new WordPress running site in a similar manner, check out BAW Easy Invitation Codes WordPress plugin.

BAW Easy Invitation Codes is a new plugin that will allow you to easily create registration invite codes. You can then share these codes with desired users and know when they register on the site.

Invitation codes are generated in the WordPress dashboard. You can manually create a single code or bulk generate using the auto generator:
BAW Easy Invitation Codes
Before generating, you have the option to specify a custom code prefix and the code length. If you want codes to be used more than once, just increase the max count.

You can see all generated codes and their status by clicking on the “Codes list” link on the generator page or on the dashboard sidebar menu.

And here’s what the registration form looks like:
BAW Easy Invitation Codes
Visitors have to enter an invitation code before they can register on your site. If they don’t have one, they also get an option to request for a code using the Contact us! link.

Note: Remember to enable site registration on General Settings page.

BAW Easy Invitation Codes is a handy plugin when you want to limit registration on your site without completely disabling it. It could also be useful if you want to beta test a website among a few users before opening it to the general public.

BAW Easy Invitation Codes is available for free download from the WordPress plugin repository.

Download: BAW Easy Invitation Codes