Online Tools to Check If A Game Would Run On Your Computer

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Are you a PC gamer? If you are, the thought of your computer’s hardware would have surely come to your mind while purchasing a new game. Every game has it’s own minimum hardware requirement, and unless your computer’s hardware meets this requirement, you won’t be able to play the game (or run it well without slow down or freezing). Manually checking each system component can be tedious, so here are two online tools that can easily be your one stop destination to quickly check if a game would run on your computer:

Can You Run It

Can you run it?

Can You Run It is a free online tool that can inspect your computer’s hardware and configuration settings, in one-click, and tell you whether your system configuration is sufficient to run the game you are interested in. It gives you a breakdown of individual components and tell you exactly where your computer stands in relation to the preferred specification and what components needs an upgrade.

How to use CanYouRunIt?
Simply visit the service homepage, type in or select the game you plan to play or purchase, and hit the big “Can you run it?” button.
Then wait for a couple of minutes while the tool analysis your hardware and generates a report.

The evaluation report report gives you a summary of checked components. If a particular component doesn’t meet the requirement, it has accompanying links to solutions in order to meet the necessary requirements.

For the test to run, you are required to install a small ActiveX component (Internet Explorer) or Java Applet(Firefox/Chrome). This is easily uninstallable from the Programs and Features section in the Control Panel once done testing. The uninstaller is named System Requirements Lab CYRI.

Can You Run It works on all Windows version. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Visit: CanYouRunIt


YouGamers’ Game-O-Meter is another nify tool which you can use to analyze your system’s hardware performance.


How to use Game-O-Meter?

Just do a search on the YouGamers’ Website to find your game. On the game page, scroll down a bit to see the “Click here to See your System’s Performance” button, and hit it! Website will install a Java Applet, analyze your system and give you a performance report.

On YouGamers you will also find reviews, screenshots and other informations related to the game. This will be helpful in making better purchase decision.

Visit: YouGamers

These are a must-bookmark website for all gamers!