Now Edit Google Docs on The Go From Your Mobile

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Google has rolled out an update for Android 2.2+ and iOS 3.0+ users that will allow them to edit Google Docs documents.

Till now, you could only read or download documents from the mobile version of Google Docs but from now on you can also edit your documents from mobile, anywhere at anytime.

It is also to be noted that you can’t create new documents, but only edit existing ones. So if you’re on the go and have no documents already created, you’re out of luck.

The edits made from the mobile device will appear in near real-time on a web browser so multiple users can collaborate on a single document at the same time.

“It’s easy to get started: visit in a browser on a supported device, and select the document you want to edit. Then, when you’re viewing it, press the Edit button to switch to the mobile editor,” suggests Google.

The new features aren’t yet available to everyone and it will be rolled out in the next few days.

Here’s a demo video of the feature: