Save Notes From Google+ to Evernote, Springpad and Remember the Milk

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Evernote and Springpad are web services that allow users to store and organize anything they want to remember, and provides easy access from any device when required. Now here I will show you a simple way by which you will be able to save notes, links, images and anything else you find interesting in the Google+ stream to your Evernote and Springpad account. This can be handy especially since there’s no bookmarking feature yet available on Google+.

Apart from note taking, you will also be able to create tasks and set reminders on Remember the Milk service.

Steps to set it up

First, you will need to get your personal email address for each of your accounts. Addresses can be found at:
Springpad: Account > Settings > Services > Save from Email.
Email: [email protected]

Evernote: Account > Settings > Account summary. Scroll down, under Emailing to Evernote.
Email [email protected]

Remember the Milk: Account > Settings > Info tab.
Email: [email protected]

Copy those email addresses.

Now, log into your Google+ account and go to Circles page. Create a new circle and name it ‘Save’ or ‘Share’ or anything you want. Circle is not necessary for this to work, but if you are going to add more than one account or service this helps in managing them easily.

Click “Add a new person” and paste in the email address you found earlier. You’ll need to give it a name to save it.

Create Google Plus Circle
Create Google Plus Circle

Save Note from Google+

To save a new note, enter desired content (text, image, video or link), choose a service to save to, and click on ‘Share’. It’s also possible to save to save the note on all three service at once by selecting the circle. Don’t see the point in doing so, but if you want – it can be done.

Save Google Plus Post
Save Google Plus Post

To save a post from other users on Google+, click on the “Share” option at the bottom of the post and follow the same steps.

Note: Your shared posts will show up in your Google+ stream, but will be visible only to you. You can delete it from there if you like.

Optional features

Evernote and Springpad:

By adding “@Notebookname” you can save the note to a particular notebook. You can also tag it by including “#” symbol in front of a word. Ex. “#task”.

Remember the Milk:

Return book Thrusday at 4pm !1 #task #library

This will create a new task named “Return book” and add it to the ‘Task’ list. Task due date would be Monday at 4pm, with high priority and tagged “library”.

To create a task that repeats weekly or monthly add ‘*weekly’ or ‘*monthly’ respectively to the post. You can even set an estimated time like this: “=30min”.

Notes on these features:

  1. This functionality works only for existing notebooks and tags. Which basically means, you cannot create new notebooks or tags with this feature.
  2. Also remember to always put the note title first, then add any notebooks or tags.
  3. This will also not work for notebook with names that contain an ‘@’ or a ‘‘#’, and it will not work for tags that contain a ‘#’ in their name.