World’s First 16.41 MP Sensor for Mobile Phones

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Sony has unveiled a 16.41 megapixel, back-illuminated sensor for mobile phones.

The new sensor is the world’s first 16.41 megapixel Exmor R back-illuminated image sensor for a mobile phone. The official name for the sensor is IMX081PQ. It will be available to manufacturers this coming January and will carry a $30.30 price tag.

Sony also announced a lower resolution 8.13 megapixel with the same back-illuminated sensor that will retail for $18.18. It’s officially called IMX105PQ.

Small images taken with the new sensors show that they perform much better than conventional images sensors with sharper resolution and significantly improved performance in low light.

The IMX081PQ sensor is capable of shooting in full resolution at 15fps, half resolution at 30fps, and 1/8 resolution at 120fps. HD modes include 1080-30P and 720-60P.

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