Disable Windows 8 Taskbar Transparency with Opaque Taskbar

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Microsoft has removed Aero theme in Windows 8, and with it all the transparency related functionalities and elements in Windows, with the exception of the Taskbar. If you don’t like this, and if you’re looking to make the taskbar opaque as well, here’s a little freeware called Opaque Taskbar.

Opaque Taskbar is portable program that allows you to disable Windows 8 taskbar transparency with the click of a button.
Opaque Taskbar

To use the app, just run it, and click on the “Disable Taskbar Transparency” button. Your taskbar will immediately turn opaque. Whenever you wish to restore back to the default setting, run the app again and hit the second button in the interface – Enable Taskbar Transparency. That’s it. No need to need to edit the registry or change your theme.

The program works on the default Windows 8 theme as well as any custom theme that supports taskbar transparency. And once you apply your preferred setting, you can close the app. No need to have to running in the background.

Do note that taskbar falls back to the default settings on logon, so, to keep your preference enabled remember to check the box that says “Perform this at Windows startup.” Checking this option will automatically launch the program on logon, enable transparency, and automatically exit – all silently. You’ll notice a slightly delay in changes being applied, however, once the programs runs everything will be as you chose.

Opaque Taskbar works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.