Password Secure Your Media Files, Create Standalone Player

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You may have certain media files on your computer that you don’t want any else to access. These files can may be secured using folder locking applications or protected inside TrueCrypt containers. These methods are good but they don’t allow even you quick access to your files. So here’s a far simpler solution – encrypt media files with the GreenForce-Player.

GreenForce-Player is a portable media player that does what every other media player out there does, but the shining feature about it is – it can secure your media files with a password so that no unauthorized person can play it. No one has yet been able to crack GreenForce-Player protected files, so you can be assured your files are secure.

How to Protect Media Files?

GreenForce-Player encrypts media files with the Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature. To protect a file, click on DRM from the menu bar and select Protect video. It says video, however you can protect all files that the player is capable of playing.

Browse and select the multimedia file that you want to protect and then specify the location where you want to save the encrypted file. Then enter a password followed by a password hint and hit the Save button. This creates a file with .GFP extension. The .GFP file type is unique to the GreenForce-Player and cannot be run independently. Fortunately, the player can create a standalone EXE media player. To create one, check the “Add player to the media file” before encrypting a file. Now you can conveniently share and run it on any computer without having to download the GreenForce-Player.

The player can decrypt a protected file if you have the password. To do so, click on DRM from the menu bar and select Unprotect Video. Browse and select your file, enter password and save where you want. If you don’t wish to allow decryption, uncheck “Allow restore original file” while protecting.

More protection features are available:

  • Screenshot protection: This prevent a user from taking screenshots of the playing video
  • Restrict playback: This lets you restrict video playback to a specific computer by specifying its Machine ID. It is based on a computer’s hardware. To create one you need to download MachineID.exe tool, available in the GFP-SDK.

Other Features:

  • Neat, minimal interface
  • Plays video from file, clipboard and URL
  • Allows video tagging
  • Insert covers
  • Supports 2D and 3D coverflows
  • Supports Playlist
  • Supports visualizations: Whitelight, Frequency and Waveform

GreenForce-Player isn’t feature packed player like VLC or Media Player Classic, but it is a recommended program for anyone looking for a simple, secured way to protect their audio and video files.

GreenForce-Player works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Operating System.