Sticky Note for Windows 8 Lock Screen

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Windows 8 lock screen is one of the simplest, yet most customizable lock screen for any device. You can personalize it by setting a custom background image and view instant notifications for various apps you use, but what if you want to put more information on this screen? That’s where TuneUp IncrediLock comes in. This app turns the Windows 8 lock screen into a powerful dashboard that not only looks elegant with the built-in wallpaper library, but is also useful with the widget function so that you can add small notes to your lock screen.

TuneUp IncrediLock
With the first version of IncrediLock, a Sticky Note widget is included that lets you create, for instance, quick reminders or notes for your lock screen so that you can quick glance it without logging in to the machine. You’re limited to just one note, but it’s pretty big to accommodate a lot of important items. There will be many more widgets like picture frame, weather information available in future versions of the app.

It also comes with an online wallpaper library that contains around 400 hand picked images, sorted by categories like “Nature”, “Around the Globe”, “Technology”, “City Scene”, “Animals”, etc. You can even choose images from your own Picture library inside the app.

Do note that widgets are only visible on lock screen images that you choose from within the app. If you change the background image from Windows 8 PC settings, the app’s widgets are removed. To add it again, simply launch the app and choose an image again.

You can download IncrediLock from Windows Store. After installation you will see a tile for it on the Start Screen.

Install: TuneUp IncrediLock