The Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Windows 8

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Looking up word definitions in a physical dictionary is a thing of the past. If you own a computer, tablet or a phone then you can download and install free and comprehensive dictionary apps that rival and even surpass the functions of a physical dictionary. These dictionaries will come in handy at any time whether you are online or offline.

Below I have listed three of the best offline dictionary apps for Windows 8, and they are all free!

Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary (AED) is a comprehensive English dictionary app that comes with more than 200,000 word definitions. The app is fast, and features a clean and modern user interface tailored specifically for Windows 8 interface.
Advanced English Dictionary

AED integrates into the Charms bar, allowing you to find definitions of words with as few clicks as possible. And it also works in the snapped mode.

The app can pronounce words for you in US and UK English. So, if you aren’t sure how a word is pronounced, simply click or tap on the volume icon at the top. This feature needs a working internet connection.

To bookmark a word for later reference, click on the star next to the pronunciation options. List of starred words words can be seen by clicking on the “Star” tab. Starred words are also shown on the app’s live tile along with the most recently searched word on the Start screen.

Install: Advanced English Dictionary [7.65 MB]


If you are a fan of dark interfaces, then you’ll surely like the dark themed UI WordBook offers.


As for features, WordBook comes with 150,000 word entries. Along with the word definitions, thesaurus look-ups, word usage samples, word origins, and word pronunciation guides are also available.

Just like AED, WordBook also works in the snapped mode. Additional features include the ability to drill down on any word in a definition, bookmark support and history.

Install: WordBook [16.6 MB]


WordWeb English dictionary features a minimal clean interface and provides a dictionary with more words than you will ever need to use.


WordWeb classifies words into its part(s) of speech e.g. noun or adjective, and provides example sentences of its usage. And while searching, if a misspell is detected, the app will show you spelling suggestions and commonly misspelled words.

WordWeb also includes a thesaurus, so each word is accompanied by synonyms, and where available related words and pronunciation text are also provided.

There are no advertisements in this app.

Install: WordWeb [29.7 MB]