Windows 10: Backup Store Apps Data Offline and Restore Easily

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When you download an app from the Windows Store, it’s associated with your Microsoft account. This allows easily installation of the same app on other Windows 8 and Windows 10 running devices that you own, and it’s also helpful when you do a re-install of the OS on the same PC. While you can re-install apps, there are certain limitations to the data that is automatically synchronized. This may result in loss of progress you made in a game or any custom configuration in an app. To avoid any issues, it’s a good idea to backup the app’s data offline as well. You can do this manually by copying the program folders, or use the free program Windows 8 Apps Data Backup.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup is a free portable program that allows you to take a backup of all or some of the installed Modern UI apps data, which includes custom app settings, game progresses, and more. Once you take a backup, you can restore the same to a new installation or on another PC to get back to where you left.
Windows 8 App Data Backup

How to Use

When you run the program you see backup and restore buttons, click on one to get started.

Backup Data:
Close all Modern UI apps before running the program (or just close the ones you want to backup of). After closing, run the program, and click on Backup button. It will then scan C:\Program Files\WindowsApps directory for installed apps and list them in the window.

You can now either choose to backup all installed apps by clicking on “Select all” button or manually select individual apps. After making your selection, hit Backup now. You’ll now get a prompt to backup the data file as a ZIP file or in the same form. Choose which ever you want. Finally, select the folder where you’d like the data to be saved. That’s it! Your settings are now backed up.

Note: Only application data is backed up, and not app itself.

Restore Data:
To restore data, first you’ve to install the app(s) from Windows Store. Rest of the process is pretty much the same. Launch the backup utility, and this time choose Restore option. Then either select the backup folder or the ZIP file that you got earlier. It will list all apps found in the backup. Choose the ones you want to restore, and hit the Restore Now button. In a couple of minutes you’ll get everything back to how it was.

Download: Windows 8 Apps Data Backup