Directly Download Project Gutenberg eBooks to Dropbox

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Do you download eBooks from the online Project Gutenberg libraries, and do you use Dropbox as a transfer point for files between your different devices? Well, good news for you!

Project Gutenberg, the granddaddy of all eBook libraries, has added a new feature that will allow you to directly download a book to your Dropbox account – with just one click.

To enable this functionality, just like with all other services, you’ll need to give PG permission to access your Dropbox. To do this, simply go to a book’s download page, there you’ll see a new column added on the right with Dropbox icons accompanying available file types:
gutenberg download

Clicking on the Dropbox icon corresponding to your preferred eBook format will take you to the Dropbox app connect page. Allow access.

Once you do that, a new folder named “gutenberg” is created inside the App folder. The current book, and all future downloads, will be saved to that new folder, ready to be accessed from any device with Dropbox installed.

Project Gutenberg has over 40,000 free eBooks in over 100+ languages nicely sorted in categories. If you’re fond of reading, this new feature will save you a lot of work and time it takes to get the book you want.