Create & Add Events To Google Calendar via Email

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Google Calendar allows you to create Events in various ways, such as through its website, browser extensions, and mobile apps. But it doesn’t let you add events via email, like Remember The Milk does, which can be handy for many users. Sure, you can add an event from certain emails in Gmail to Calendar, but that does not let you create a custom event. If you want this functionality then check out a web app called EventBot.

EventBot is a free service, running on Google App Engine, that lets you create an event on Google Calendar by the simple act of sending an email. You don’t need to log into your Gmail account or Calendar. You can send an email from any online service or desktop applications like Outlook and Thunderbird, and the event will be created at your specified time.

Setting up EventBot

Visit the website and click on the Sign Up page.

Follow the standard process of authorizing the service access to your calendar. You don’t have to provide your password to the app and, if required, access to calendar can be revoked from the Google application settings page.

Once authorized, you will get a unique EventBot email address like [email protected].

Now all you got to do is simply send off an email to your unique address with the event description in the subject line, e.g., “Lunch with Bob Friday 12:30”, and it will be created (see first image).

That’s all it takes! On successful creation, you will get an acknowledgment email with a link to the event.

If you have created multiple calendars, the event is added to the default one.

This is a recommended service for users who spend their day working inside the inbox.