Use Facebook Likes as a Bookmarking Service with LikeJournal

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Facebook made it simple for website owners to add the Like button to their websites, which allowed you to easily express approval for things that struck a chord with you. However, it’s not easy to keep track of all your likes on Facebook. They appear only for a short time in your activity stream, and soon get replaced by newer likes. That’s where LikeJournal comes in.


LikeJournal is a new web app that connects with Facebook and shows you a history stream of all your Likes. “Likes” are listed chronologically, starting with your most recent addition and flow down from there. However, it’s not limited as a “Likes” viewer, it also lets you use Facebook Likes as a free social bookmarking service like Delicious.

You can like items to mark it for future read and access them later through your LikeJournal account. Your “Likes” are fully searchable, and it can also be shared with your friends, in the same way one would actually share a link. Each liked item has a little box next to it that lets you know how many other people have liked the link, when you liked it, and even provides a way to unlike it.

If your friends sign-up for LiveJournal, you can also browse their feed of Likes in a separate tab named “Likes Feed.”

LikeJournal has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which if installed, allows instant access to all your Likes right from the browser’s toolbar.

Visit: LikeJournal