Listen to Free Music in Hindi, English and more on Gaana

Print View Mobile View is a new online music streaming site from the Times Group. Gaana offers absolutely free legal music in Hindi, English and regional languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi and many more. Moreover, it allows access to genres of music ranging from classical to pop under one portal.

The site has an intuitive application like interface and is built on the HTML5 platform. However, just like Grooveshark, the music player is in Flash. So it won’t work in iOS device and on systems which doesn’t have flash installed. However, a HTML5 player is planned for the future and a mobile application.

Currently Gaana comes with three themes which includes Zen, Taxi (as seen in the screenshot above) and Forest, which is the default one. They will roll out more themes in the future, which will also include sponsored themes.

Music streaming on Gaana is pretty smooth and streams without interruption even if you are on a slow connection. Music can be chosen by New Releases, Most Popular, Playlists, Genres, Artist, etc. It also includes an awesome full-screen player (seen below) giving you full music experience, audio graphics plus listing of your kind of music.

Gaana full screen music player
Gaana full screen music player

If you like a song that’s playing, it can be instantly shared with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail.

Gaana recommends new music to you based on the one’s you play, and allows discovery of music and users by showing the most active users, as well as those who have recently joined. It also allows public search among them.

You can experience almost all features on the site without registering. Registration is only required to save playlist.

Visit: Gaana