MP3 Player Runs in Browser and Plays Music from Your Computer

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MP3 player is a HTML5 media player that runs entirely in your browser and lets you playback music files from your computer.

HTML5 MP3 Player

On its homepage, MP3 Player gives you the option to browse and select songs from your computer to create a music library. Once selected, your music will show up as a list in the player.

Next, just click on the song you want to play and it will automatically create a new playlist. To add multiple songs to the playlist, do a search for some song and press enter. To remove a song from the playlist, middle-click on it.

MP3 Player UI is quite basic and offers minimum functionality. No equalizer, scrobbles or artwork display. However, if you just want a music player, it does the task.

You can run MP3 player both online, by visiting the URL, and offline, by saving the webpage on your computer.

Currently only Google Chrome lets you open and play an MP3 file from the web or computer, so as of now its the only supported browser.

Visit: MP3 Player