Get Gmail, Reader Notifications on Google Navigation Bar, Reorder Links and More

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I have already showed how you can change the new Google navigation bar color, now here’s an extension called GTools+ that adds several functionalities to it. The extension also lets you to customize the bar by reordering various Google services links, hiding the links you don’t use, and it even adds notifications for Gmail and Google Reader.

Customized Google Navigation Bar
Customized Google Navigation Bar

Here is the list of features that the extension currently offers:

  • Unified Google bar, your personalised menu is possible on all Google services!
  • Stick the Google+ bar always on top when you scrolling
  • Prevent open in new tab or window when you click on link inside the Google+ bar
  • Change the position of the chat for put in the Google+ Bar
  • Change the color of the notification bubble in the Google+ bar
  • Right click on the extension icon for go to the options page fastest
  • Add a translation link in the context menu (auto detect the post language)
  • Add notification for Gmail and Reader in the Google Bar.
  • Edit the color of any notification bubble.

If you spend most of your time within Google products, you will find this extension quite useful.

GTools+ is available at the Chrome Web Store.

Install: GTools+