Earn Points and Badges for Keeping Gmail Organized

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Checking your emails may not be the most enjoyable thing you do during the day, so here’s 0Boxer, an extension for Gmail that attempts to make the task more fun by creating a social competition out of organizing your inbox.

0Boxer ( Zero-Box-er) adds an element of gameplay to Gmail by awarding points to users for doing activities like archiving email and replying.

Here’s how it works: Sign in using your Google account, create a profile on 0Boxer and install the extension for your browser. After that, go to Gmail and you will see a toolbar at the top of the page.

Now, continue using Gmail as you usually do. Whenever you perform any task related to organizing your mails, 0Boxer will award you points. One point is issued for every deletion, spam flagging, writing, or archiving you do. When you do any of those task for the first time you will also earn your first badge.

You can check your full stats anytime via your 0Boxer profile. If you want to see how you’re stacking up against others, a daily leaderboard keeps track of the rankings in real time. Like a traditional game, the whole point of 0Boxer is to get points. The more points, the higher you climb the leader board.

0Boxer is completely free and is currently available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Mailplane.

Visit: 0boxer