New Google Analytics Dashboard

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Analytics, the popular web traffic monitoring product from Google,  is set to get a completely redesigned interface that is modeled after the recently introduced Google navigation toolbar, and is now fully customizable.

New Google Analytics Dashboard

In the new version of Analytics, Dashboards have been completely redesigned to be widget-based. There are four types of widgets: Metric, Pie Chart, Timeline, and Table. Giving you the ability to choose visualization that best suits the data you want in your dashboard.

The new Dashboard will have a three-column layout, and you can customize it by dragging and dropping the widgets as you’d like.

Another great feature is the introduction of Multiple Dashboards. Now you can create custom dashboards, up to 20 per profile.

The new Analytics is currently available in beta only. If you want to be a part of the beta testing, you can sign-up for it here.

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