Revamped Google Profile and Orkut

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Google has redesigned both Google Profile and Orkut. The new Profile page is currently being rolled out to users, while Orkut update will be available to users in two weeks.

Google Profile

New Google Profile

The new Google Profile looks somewhat like the Info page on the Facebook profile, with profile picture in the top left corner and the user’s series of photos going across the top. Under that, there are sections for an introduction, employment info, education, etc.

The page still has a separate tab for Buzz and you can also connect the links you’re associated with, just like the old profiles.


Google is still fighting against Facebook with Orkut. After the recent launch of Badges, Orkut is once again set to get a new look, its third one.

The expected enhancements for this update are:

  • Larger profile picture
  • Left-side navigation
  • New full profile view, which lets you and your friends see your info, interests, badges, testimonials and recent photos and videos.
  • Updates to communities and new limits on friends, photos and videos.
  • New fullscreen slideshow for photos.

The new interface will start rolling to users in two weeks, and this time it won’t be an invite based.