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Google TV Gets an Official Website

Google gave a glimpse of the upcoming Google TV, in a blog post today and has also put up an official Google TV Website. The website shows off lot of great features and abilities of Google TV. Google has provided a list of content providers for Google TV which has […]

Google Instant Enables Keyboard Navigation

Google Instant gets two new enhancements: keyboard navigation and Instant is now enabled for searches done from left panel. Keyboard Navigation: You can now use the up/down/left/right arrow keys and the Enter key to quickly navigate through Google Instant Search. Instant enabled in left panel: Now, you’ll get Instant results when […]

Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail

Google just announced that users will soon be able to opt out of ‘conversation view‘, one of the features that makes it most different from others email services. Ever since Gmail took off, related messages were lumped into a single conversation or thread. Conversation view allowed users to browse through […]

Know What's New With Google at Google New

Google seems to be releasing something new everyday and they let everyone know about it through their official Google Blog Network, which consists of more than 100 blogs. These blogs cover everything about Google from new products, features, policy issues, technical projects and more. Keeping track of everything Google is hard […]

Google Docs Gets Fontastic

Until now, you could only see fonts on a webpage that you already had installed on your computer. This imposed a limitation on the web designer on the font variations he could use while designing a site. That situation is changing now as all modern browsers supports the ability to download web […]

Google is Launching Two-Step Authentication

Google is launching today two-step authentication for Google Apps Premiere, Education, and Government edition customers, with plans to bring it to all Google users in the next two months. This will give the capability to verify a person’s identity with a code sent to the user’s mobile device. The login system that […]