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Google Demo Slam

Google has launched Demo Slam. Google Demo Slam is a competition were creative and tech-savvy people can create and upload tech demo videos featuring a Google product. The videos should be in a way, it’s easy for non-technical people to understand the technology.

Know Where Your Photos are Viewed With Panoramio Stats

Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented community photo sharing website. Photos uploaded to Panoramio show up on the website, as well as other places such as Google Earth and Google Maps. Panoramio has introduced a new feature called “Panoramio Stats,” a photo-specific version of Google Analytics that lets you track the sites from which […]

Google Develops Cars That Can Drive Themselves

Google researchers have been working on a secret car project that can drive themselves, using artificial-intelligence software. Google has seven test cars that have driven a total of 140,000 miles in traffic. The cars are a modified version of the Toyota Prius and one Audi TT. The automated cars use video […]

Schedule Mails in Gmail

Scheduling mails is one extremely useful feature that’s currently missing from Gmail. Thanks to a company called Baydin we can have this feature in Gmail now. They have developed a plugin for Chrome (extension for Firefox) called Boomerang for Gmail that directly integrates into your Gmail interface and gives you features […]