Install a Portable Web Server on your USB Pen drive

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With the increase in size of flash drives and the varieties of portable applications available we can now easily get our work done on the go. If you are a developer or learning PHP, here is another useful app for your flash drive.

USBWebserver, is a light weight, easy to use portable Web server that you can put on your pen drive or even on a CD and run at any time.


The server is preconfigured and includes the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so you can run most websites and webapps directly from it.

USBWebserver phpMyAdmin

This server is extremely small and has minimal memory usage making it perfect for a pen drive.

Install and Run
Download the compressed file and extract it where you want. Now just double click on “usbwebserver.exe” and you have a running server. No configurations required.

All the contents of the website are to be placed in the “root ” folder. To view them simply point your browser to http://localhost:8080. phpMyAdmin can be accessed by going to http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/. phpMyAdmin Username: root, Password: USBw

Main features:
PHP 5.2.13
PhpMyAdmin 3.3.1-rc1
MySQL 5.1.44
Support RFQ
PDO support
Httpd 2.2.15
Settings completely adaptable (my.ini, httpd.conf, php.ini)
Intuitive interface

USBWebserver gives you the ability to develop and demonstrate websites on any computer and that too without having to worry about an internet connection.

Download: USBWebserver