Recover Data From a Corrupt Memory Card using Command Prompt

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In the last post I told you about a software that checks the integrity of USB Flash Drives And Hard Drives. Now if you got your storage device corrupted anyway then you can try the following method to recover the corrupted data with the good old Command Prompt.

First of all connect your storage device, Windows will recognize it as a drive and give it a letter.
Now start CMD. To do that go to Start Menu –> Run and type in CMD.
In the CMD type Chkdsk i: /r.

The chkdsk command will check the device for structure corruption. The i: tells it what drive letter to use and the /r tells it to repair the errors it finds. You may see the warning that your drive is not a Windows XP drive – this is not an issue. You can continue on by pressing Y to continue. It will start to run through the files and directories.

When it is almost complete it will ask you if you want to save lost chains into files.
After completing scan chkdsk will report back what it has done and then go to my computer and check out your drive.

There you go all – all your files are still there. Aren’t you glad you went this route instead of formatting it?

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