Test Integrity and Size of USB Flash Drives And Hard Drives

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H2testw is a portable software thats test the integrity and the size of usb flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives. It works by writing, reading and verifying test data that is written on the selected device.
On starting the device integrity and size test, it will start writing files with a size of one Gigabyte to the selected storage device. The files will be named n.h2w with n starting with 1 and counting up.

After the process it will display a report. This report will have a rating and a detailed report on the data thats was written correctly and incorrectly.
H2testw does not require administrative rights so you can use it on a computer on which you have limited access.

Download: H2testw (212kb)
Note: The download page is in Deutsch. Click on this:  there to start downloading the software.