Launch an Application or Web Site with Numeric Keypad

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There are many applications which launch a program by typing the name of the application in a window but ControlPad lets you execute applications using numeric keypad shortcuts. So in this, instead of typing the name of the program you want to run, you enter a numeric code for running an application, apart from applications you can also use it perform a certain action or open a web site.

There’s also a laptop mode for computers that don’t have a numeric keypad, this lets you launch the utility using the F12 key instead of the * key.

Once the program is running, it’s easy to create or edit codes either by entering a URL, choosing from a list of possible commands, or browsing for an application you want to associate with a code.

There are two versions available, one with an installer and a portable version which you can unzip to a USB flash drive or any other folder and run without installing.

ControlPad was developed with AutoHotkey for Windows.

Download: ControlPad Installer [888 KB] | ControlPad Portable Version [612 KB]