Set a Doodle as Your Permanent Google Icon

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Doodles are those random logos that shows up once in a while on Google homepage. These mostly last for just one day but now with this Greasemonkey script, you can make any Google doodle your permanent Google logo.

The “Favorite Doodle” user script works only with Greasemonkey on Firefox. It links the Google logo on the main and search results pages to Google’s gallery of doodles. The script inserts a “Make This My Favorite¬†Doodle!” button Under each doodle. Clicking on this makes that doodle your Google logo.

By default the script will override your selected doodle on holidays or any days with a special doodle. After the holiday is over your favorite doodle will be back. However, you can change this preference to always show your favorite doodle. To do this go to the Greasemonkey “User Script Commands” menu and select “Favorite Doodle -> Always show my favorite doodle, even on holidays“. If you decide you want to change the preference back again simply select “Favorite Doodle -> Override my favorite doodle on holidays“.

Note: Favorite Doodle requires Greasemonkey and Firefox to work.

Get: Favorite Doodle