Add Bing to your Browser

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If you want to add Microsoft’s new search engine in the quick search box for your favorite browser, we’ve got you covered.
Adding the search providers is simple enough—just visit the links below and install the version for your browser, choosing whether to enable suggestions or not. Readers using Internet Explorer 8 might want to enable the suggestions because of one interesting feature: Bing will show you a preview of the weather by simply typing “weather” followed by your location—extremely handy for a quick glance at the temperature.

Readers using Chrome can add a new search provider by right-clicking on the address bar, choosing Edit search engines, and then adding a new search engine using the following URL:

If you aren’t a fan of the quick search box, you can always create a keyword bookmark by right-clicking on the Bing search box and choosing “Add a keyword for this Search” from the menu.

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