Find All Your Lost Your Manuals

Many people have the habit of throwing away the manuals of gadgets and appliances with the package soon after opening it as if it is some kind of unneeded thing that the manufacturers pack with the package itself. Later on when they have some kind of problem the only solution […]

5 Software to Undelete Files

Have you ever deleted any files by mistake and thought of a way to bring them back? Then this post will be useful to you. Here you will find a list of software which helps to restore files that have been deleted. They even help to bring back data even […]

Where Are FireFox Bookmarks Stored

Firefox has a pretty decent bookmark management system that allows you to store your favorites websites, so that you can visit them in future. Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks , passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile , which is stored in […]