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Winamp App for Android Now Available

Winamp app for Android is now available. It’s in beta right now and requires minimum Android 2.1. The app offers complete media management solution by syncing your music with Winamp desktop application over USB or Wi-Fi. For Wi-Fi synchronizing you need to have Winamp 5.59 beta (links below) installed on your computer. Other features include […]

Samsung Galaxy K

Samsung Mobile Korea announced Galaxy K, a Galaxy S variant but with Android 2.2 and Amoled Plus display. This device is almost same as Galaxy S with a slight physical change of casing and 3.7-inch display over 4-inch display. AMOLED Plus is a new screen design from Samsung, which is […]

Need for Speed, The Sims on Windows Phone 7

Electronics Arts has anounced that they would be supporting Windows Phone 7 and has named four games that would be available soon after it hits the store on Novemeber 8: Need For Speed: Undercover, The Sims 3, Monopoly and Tetris. All EA games for Windows Phones will be Xbox Live-enabled. […]