Gather Your Entire Social Life With Memolane

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I recently got an invite to Memolane and spent couple of days trying it out and now here I am with the review.

Memolane is a lifestreaming service that aggregates all of your scattered social data into one location and lets you browse through them in an interactive timeline.

Memolane Timeline

After you login, Memolane will prompt you to connect your various social networking profiles.

Memolane Accounts

It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr,, Foursquare, Tripit, and RSS feeds for any blog. These services are all accessed via OAuth, so need of giving out your passwords.

Once it’s done, the site will import all of your information from those sites an present to you in an interactive horizontal timeline. Content that was submitted on the same day is displayed vertically and using the arrow keys, you can scan through your online life day-by-day by scrolling horizontally. You can also click on the expandable timeline at the bottom of the page to see a specific day from a month or a year. Memolane will reach back as long as you’ve been building an online personality. I was able to scroll back to the early 90’s because of the photos I had on Picasa.

When you click on a particular item, it will be expanded to give you a full view. Memolane doesn’t import photos or albums you are tagged in and only shows you the content that you have uploaded. It builds this timeline instantly by fetching it from the appropriate service’s API so none of your personal data is actually stored on its server.

You can keep your Memolane account completely private, make it public, or create a shared account where people can add and comment on items.

Memolane is currently in beta mode and is available only by invitation but you can see an example of one Memolane timeline here. You can also submit your email here for an invite.

Update: Memolane is now available to all.

Visit: Memolane