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Facebook Photos Get Drag and Drop Feature

Facebook had announced several new features, such as a better photo viewer, support for high-resolution pics, and more for it’s Photo product three weeks ago. Now it has again added a new feature: drag and drop for photos and albums. Using this feature users can now reorder photos within an album without going […]

Skype 5.0 for Windows

Skype announced on its blog that version 5.0 of Skype is now available for Windows. The new Skype 5.0 is packed with several great new features, like the ability to make 10-way group video-calls and Facebook Integration.

Measure Your Facebook Influence

Klout, that can measure a user’s influence on Twitter, announced they are extending their influence measurement features to Facebook today. Facebook Influence is calculated based on how your conversations and content generate interests among your friends via likes and comments. New users can login with Facebook Connect on Klout to receive […]

Customize New Twitter Layout

Those who have used the new Twitter would have liked the fast new interface and features like Twitter Shortcuts but with the change your old customized profile may have also got spoiled. Twitter’s Profile Designer has still not been updated, so you are stuck with the old layout design. This can […]

Yahoo India Launches OMG! India

Yahoo has launched an Indian version of OMG! Yahoo’s OMG!, is a celebrity gossip site featuring windows into Hollywood’s glamour grapevine. It’s Indian counterpart Yahoo OMG! India is dedicated to Bollywood. The site features Bollywood news, photo galleries, celebrity news and celebrity specific profile pages. There’s also an expert blogs section […]

List of all Twitter Shortcuts

Now everyone might have got the new Twitter. The new design is fast and has many features. One of the new feature is keyboard shortcuts. With the new twitter, need of mouse to use twitter has been reduced to the minimal as most of the actions like replying to a […]

Appear Offline to Certain Users on Facebook Chat

 Most chat clients have the option to appear offline while you are still signed in. By appearing offline you can avoid those users with whom you don’t want to chat and still continue to chat with those users who you want to. Unfortunately Facebook Chat doesn’t have this feature but […]