Directly Access Functions on Laptop Without Pressing Fn Key

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To provide laptop and netbook owners the functionality of a full-sized keyboard on their device, manufacturers make use of a Fn (Function) key. This Fn key is used in combination with certain other keys, which are marked by special icons and color coded matching the Fn key, to perform special actions. Many users are not comfortable with the placement of these keys, and it is nearly impossible to perform any of the special tasks using one hand. To remove this inconvenience, a lightweight freeware program called SFunKey is here.

SFunKey remaps function keys (F1-F12) on your keyboard and lets you access special features by pressing a particular key twice. Which is far more comfortable than having to use the Fn key combination. The keyboard mapping is temporary. It works only as long as the program is runnning in the background. Once you close the program, your keyboard returns back to its original functionality.


By default SFunKey allows the following actions (from F1 to F12): Sleep, LCD Brightness-. LCD Brightness+, Connect to Projector, Lock PC, Task Manager, Volume Mute, Volume-, Volume+, Previous Track, Play/Pause, Next Track. Additional available actions are: Open File, Open Folder, Sleep, Restart, Turn Off, Lock PC, Display Power Off and Display Standby.

Whenever a special action is performed, the program lets the user know about it in an on-screen display. This can be disabled in the program settings. The key press delay is also adjustable. Other program settings includes setting the Fade out Delay, Start program with Windows, Pop Up/Down Speed, Minimum and Maximum Transparency of on-screen notification, Program language and Program theme.

It also comes with a compatibility feature. This basically allows you to add programs to a list for which you don’t SFunKey’s functionality.

All-in-all, a handy program to make your computing convenient.

SFunKey is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP and later.

Download: SFunKey