Block Accidental Taps and Clicks While Typing on Laptops

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A common annoyance is faced by many laptop and netbook users, where they find the cursor jumping to another paragraph while typing. This jump is caused when your wrist grazes the touchpad. Some notebooks do come with the “disable touchpad” button but this application can be a real help for those users that doesn’t have this feature on their device.

Touchpad Blocker is a brilliant little application that solves this problem by disabling the touchpad automatically whenever you start typing and enabling it back when you stop typing. The app will sit silently in the system tray without disturbing any of your work. Just start typing and don’t worry about the touchpad any more.

It can also be configured to block accidental taps and clicks depending on a user-defined threshold in milliseconds and it also supports hotkey for switch blocker.

Touchpad Blocker works with all versions of Windows.

Download: Touchpad Blocker [469 Kb]