Turn Off CSS on a Specific Website in Browser

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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet that describes the look and formatting of a web page. Without stylesheets almost all modern day web sites will render incorrectly and some will be entirely unreadable. However disabling CSS styling has several uses as well, for instance it offers elemental presentation of the content. Doing so helps a web designer to see which elements are incorporated with CSS and HTML. Most major browsers provide the option of disabling styling natively (more on it later), but if you want a quick option that allows disabling of styling of a single web site on all browsers, have a look at Remove CSS bookmarklet.

Remove CSS is a JavaScript bookmarklet that loops through every element in the web page and dynamically removes its styling. It’s capable of removing CSS applied via style sheets, inline CSS, and also the ones applied using JavaScript (although JavaScript could still alter style properties after the bookmarklet has been applied).
Disable CSS
To use the bookmarklet, simply drag it your bookmarks toolbar, and when required – click on it. Its effect is seen only on the active browser tab; all other websites in other tabs or window will function normally. To re-apply styles just reload the tab.

Built-in Feature of Browser to Disable CSS

Many browsers have a built-in feature to turn off CSS; here’s how you can access this option:

Turn Off CSS in Firefox

Disable CSS in Firefox

  • Activate menu toolbar by pressing Alt key.
  • In View menu, navigate to Page Style > No Style

Turn Off CSS in Opera

Disable CSS in Opera

  • Click on Opera menu, and navigate to Page > Style > User Mode

Turn Off CSS in Internet Explorer

Disable CSS in Internet Explorer

  • Activate Developer Toolbar by pressing F12
  • In Disable menu, select CSS

Turn Off CSS in Chrome

Disable CSS in Chrome
I couldn’t find a native way to disable CSS in Chrome. To achieve this you could use Web Developer or Pendule extension. They both have the option to toggle CSS.