Font Dragr – Drag and Drop Fonts on a Website to Test

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Font Dragr is an open source web app that allows you to test fonts on any website with a simple drag’n drop action.

Font Dragr
Font Dragr

There are two ways to test fonts: Upload or select fonts on, or with a bookmarklet on any website.

To test font specimens on Font Dragr, you can drag and drop a font from your computer onto the Editor page (you need to be on a modern browser that supports HTML5 features) or select a font from the gallery (works on all browsers). You can then see the chosen font in different sizes and colors.

If you’d like to test different fonts on your website (or any other site for that matter) use the bookmarklet. To do so, open any site you want, click the bookmarklet and drop a local font to the header area. Now you can apply the font to the entire page or to particular text area by highlighting it with your mouse. You can also use it to upload and test multiple fonts.

Font dragr supports truetype (TTF), scalable vector graphics (SVG) , opentype (OTF) and Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font types. A great tool to test freeware and Open Source fonts without the hassle of creating webfont packages.

You can get the bookmarklet from the app’s homepage and the source code from GitHub.

Visit: Font Dragr | Source code: GitHub