Avatar Harmony – Sync Profile Image on Facebook, Twitter & Gravatar

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Avatar Harmony is a little web application that allows you to synchronize a new profile image across your various social networking accounts. A useful app, if you like keeping a common image on all your accounts.

Avatar Harmony
Avatar Harmony

Avatar Harmony supports Facebook, Twitter and Gravatar, but soon will also include YouTube, LinkedIn and Last.FM, among a few others.

How to use Avatar Harmony?

  • First of all, log into Avatar Harmony with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Once done, you should see your connected account’s profile image at the top. Now connect other accounts with which you’d like to sync profile picture.
  • After connecting accounts, select the image you want to set as your common profile image.
  • Then scroll down a bit and you should see the “Sync Avatars Now” options. There, click on “Update All” button to sync the selected image on all accounts or click on a particular service to sync only with that. (Due to Facebook’s API limitation, the app cannot update Facebook profile image but it can update other services with the Facebook image.)

That’s it. Your new profile image would be set now. Do note, it may take a while (took about an hour for me) for the changes to be visible, but it does work.

The develeoper was kind enough to make this app an open source project. You can fork it from GitHub.

Visit: Avatar Harmony | Source code: GitHub