Create a Multi-Boot USB Flash Drive

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YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is an awesome free tool that lets you create multi-boot USB flash drive containing multiple operating systems, various system tools, antivirus utilities, and more. This means, you can create yourself a bootable USB drive containing Linux and Windows together, or even multiple versions of the same OS.


Steps to Create a Multi-Boot USB Flash Drive:

Before starting, make sure you have a large enough flash drive for all your ISOs. A 4GB drive is enough for two Linux Oses but if you are planning to include Windows, make sure it’s at least 8GB.

  • Run the downloaded executable file (link below) and select a USB device
  • Next, from the list, choose the distribution you want to install on the device
  • Browse to the path where the ISO exists on your system and select it
  • Finally, start the bootable USB creation process by clicking on the Create button. Optionally, you can also format the drive for a clean install.

Now the ISO image would be extracted and stored in a folder named multiboot on the drive.

That’s it.

To add more ISOs/Distributions to your drive, just run the tool again and repeat the process.

Also note that you can use safely use the flash drive for other storage purposes as well.

To use your newly created drive, restart your computer and change boot setting to boot from the USB device. And in the boot menu, select a distribution or tool to install.

Download: YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator